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Team Events from givezooks!

The most affordable team fundraising solution today. Organizations of all sizes can now afford to launch -a-thon type fundraisers for their nonprofit's cause.

Create a team event, allow teams to sign up, and have their members raise money via their friends, family and social networks.


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It’s easy to signup for givezooks!
Use givezooks! Events to create an event to sell tickets and pay transaction fees only when you sell tickets or accept donations.
Use Team Events if you want to run multiple events and launch multiple a-thon type events with registration and personal fundraisers for $99/mo. plus fees.
Use givezooks! Unlimited (as many campaigns, events, team events, wish lists or grassroots fundraisers as you’d like) for as little as $129/mo. plus fees.

Create Custom Fundraisers

Do you need to quickly raise money for an urgent need? Or do you just want to put your annual fund online this year? givezooks lets you easily create great looking, personalized online Campaigns and Wish Lists and Event pages to sell tickets in a matter of minutes.
NEW! Try our Team Events for rallying supporters to work together in support of your cause.

Empower Supporters to Fundraise

Why not let your most fervent supporters raise money for you? givezooks allows anyone to create an online Grassroots Fundraiser and solicit their friends and family for donations.

Select a Payment Gateway

If you already accept credit cards online, chances are that givezooks can connect directly to your existing payment gateway (Authorize.Net, CyberSource, PayPal, Sage, and CASHNet). If not, givezooks works with many payment partners that can help you get started in as little as 48 hours. In all cases, money flows directly from your donors right into your bank account.

Promote Your Fundraisers

givezooks makes it easy for you to promote your fundraisers through email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. givezooks even makes it easy for you to add animated thermometers and donor lists to your existing web site.

Start Fundraising!

Donors will find it easy to give to your online fundraisers with givezooks. They will be able to donate using a credit card, PayPal, checks, stock, wires, and pledges. givezooks also provides a host of charts, graphs and analytics to help you analyze your fundraising success.

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