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About Us

Local Impact Matters


Our founders saw an underserved market, the opportunity to move from entrepreneur to social entrepreneur, and a way to leverage the latest web capabilities for local good in their communities. We also looked to the presidential campaign of '08 and how it had forever changed how political fundraising would be done. Was there a way to harness the power of social media, grassroots efforts, and online fundraising to transform the model of engagement and fundraising for the social sector? In short -- how could we leverage the Internet to get more money to the cause.

With a mission to bring "big organization-style" fundraising to community-based nonprofits, givezooks! was formed in 2007. The founders, technology executives with a successful track record building businesses, decided to pool their talents again on this exciting new venture. But it wasn't so much about the latest technology this time....this time it was the impact that mattered.

What is givezooks?

givezooks! offers social fundraising for nonprofits, connecting individuals and organizations online to increase charitable giving. Social fundraising (the Obama model of fundraising), also called peer to peer fundraising or person to person fundraising, is the intersection of online fundraising with social networking. Nonprofit organizations can simply and affordably create custom Campaigns, Wish Lists, Grassroots Fundraisers and Events online, expand donor outreach via social networking (Facebook and Twitter) and internet marketing, and increase funds raised. Nonprofits using our web services today include chapters of Boys and Girls Clubs, Red Cross of Santa Barbara, Girls, Inc., Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and multiple independent and private schools.

Nearly $300B in charitable giving is done annually in the U.S., primarily coming from individual donors (76%). A fraction of that (5%) comes from corporate giving, and depending on how you define “online giving” and what report you read, anywhere from 6-10% of that charitable giving is done online. Typical costs of fundraising can range from 15-30% and are being scrutinized by all potential funding sources. Fundraising consultants take up to 60% of funds raised in some cases.

Budget cutbacks, difficult economic times and growing examples and concern about nonprofits use of funds are all trends that point to the need for a better way. And small to mid-size nonprofits have all the same needs of larger organizations; they just don’t have the budget, the resources or the expertise. Just as small to midsize businesses looked to harness the internet in the mid-90s to leverage the latest in ecommerce technologies, nonprofits are following a similar path to engage donors online.

givezooks! levels the playing field on the Internet for all sizes of organizations engaged in doing good by providing a more efficient social media platform to drive all levels of engagement online. givezooks! platform takes advantage of the latest in secure, scalable cloud computing infrastructure to offer a truly affordable solution for small to mid-sized nonprofits. Nonprofits that are searching for sustainability and increased capacity without adding significant staff and cost to their budgets will be well served by givezooks! social fundraising solution. And there's even more good news --- givezooks! can help you with your initiatives for 'green giving' by reducing traditional fundraising practices of direct mail, paper newsletters, free address labels, and other less than environmentally friendly marketing practices.