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As a small development office, givezooks really helped us out. We raised $80,000 more than what we had set out to achieve... Andrea McFarling, Director of Development, Marymount of Santa Barbara

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Easily put your Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, Alumni Appeal, Disaster Relief Campaign, etc. online in a matter of minutes.

Personalize your Campaign

Use your colors, logos, pictures and video to tell your story. And allow your volunteers to create their own personalized “appeal” pages that they can pass on to their friends and family.

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Promote your Campaign Online

Advertise your Campaign via email, Facebook, Twitter and on your website.

Give your donors choice

Accept credit cards, checks, wires, stock, and pledges. In all cases, the money flows directly to your organization and donors are thanked with custom thank you notes.

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Track Progress

Monitor your promotion and donations, with easy-to-read reports and graphs.

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