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givezooks! Events makes life simpler by letting us focus on the actual event while givezooks provides an easy and attractive way to sell tickets and promote our sponsors. Tim Navone, President of Marin Catholic High School

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Create a customizable Event Website

Easily create and publish a website for your upcoming event in minutes.

Promote in Facebook & Twitter

Advertise your event in Social Networks. Use our SocialEvents for Pages Facebook App to promote and sell event tickets on your organization's Facebook Page.

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Sell Tickets

Create multiple types of tickets (including free) and sell them online. Using SocialEvents for Pages you can sell tickets from your Facebook page, while your fans help spread the word. You can also opt to have your ticket buyers pay any or all ticketing fees.

Sell and Promote Sponsorships

Create and sell sponsorships online. Sponsors can also be recognized on your Event page, in Facebook, and on your invitations and reminders.

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Collect Donations

Visitors that come to your Event website are encouraged to donate even if they can’t attend.

Track Progress

Monitor attendees, ticket sales and donations with easy-to-read reports and graphs.

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