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Get Involved!

Social Fundraising for Individuals
givezooks makes it easy for individuals to get involved in philanthropy
in a whole new way!

Find Local Causes

givezooks makes it easy for individuals to search for nonprofits in their community. Individuals can then promote, give, volunteer or fundraise for any of these charities.



With givezooks, individuals can inspire others to give by sharing their story. Anyone can simply create a fundraising web page that can serve as an instrument to solicit family and friends for donations. So, for your next birthday or anniversary, ask your friends and family to donate to your givezooks grassroots fundraiser in lieu of gifts!

*Currently, individuals can only fundraise for organizations that are members of givezooks.



As individuals get involved with local philanthropy through givezooks, they can share their favorite causes and fundraisers with their friends and family. givezooks also allows users to tap into their online social networks to promote and raise awareness for these causes.



Get involved in your backyard! Use givezooks to easily find volunteer opportunites in your community through our partner All for Good.



givezooks allows individuals to give to any of the 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the IRS database. We even track your donations to make things easy for you at tax time. To find a nonprofit in your local community.

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