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Social Fundraising

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We all have a personal network - family, friends, coworkers, neighbors - people with whom we have a connection, be it direct or indirect. We also belong to a community - which could be geographic, religious, ethnic or based on a myriad of interests. The power of givezooks! lies at the intersection of personal networks, community and philanthropy. Some have termed this intersection as social fundraising, while others talk about cause-driven social networks. Social fundraising at its simplest, is individuals supporting individuals by tapping into personal networks -- grassroots giving at its best. Proven to be highly successful in the political campaigns of '08 -- social fundraising holds tremendous promise for charitable fundraising. givezooks! delivers on that promise with its online capabilities that increase awareness to the need for funds, and simplify the flow of funds across the philanthropic sector.

Traditionally, nonprofits have continually reached out to a known set of supporters or donors who have shown they believe in and support their cause. But, the internet is forever changing the rules of engagement in philanthropy as it has transformed nearly every other aspect of our daily lives. The next generation of donors expects to engage in philanthropy in much the same way they meet "friends" online, shop online, date online and research, study and analyze all other interactions. So what does that mean to you? Depending on the role you play in philanthropy, givezooks! offers new capabilities to engage in the next generation of philanthropy.

givezooks! expands the network of potential donors by creating a marketplace in which nonprofits can promote their initiatives and associated funding requirements to potential sources of funding made up of individuals, corporations and foundations. In addition to providing a marketing venue for nonprofits to promote their needs, givezooks! provides a local focus to highlight giving opportunities with a community-based view, much like craigslist (TM) has done. A natural progression of social fundraising can look something like this --

“One of the things that’s really exciting about givezooks, it’s an opportunity to bring together the donors, the non-profits and the corporations in our community, so that we can all work together to create a platform to give back.”

Montecito Bank and Trust
Janet Garufis
President & CEO

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Move over Obama—we’ve got passionate fundraisers with a purpose. givezooks! provides grassroots fundraising capabilities for any one, any cause, any time.

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» Nonprofits

Online giving hasn’t lived up to its promise—until givezooks! Social fundraising offers a cost-effective new approach to increase your donor base, improve yields and reach your fundraising objectives!

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Of the $300B of charitable giving that occurs in the U.S. annually, only 4% comes from corporations. Being socially responsible matters in a community—and to employees, job applicants and consumers.

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» Foundations

Community-based collaboration with local nonprofits and corporations. Fund focused programs driven by changing community needs.