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Engage with your supporters

Not yet on Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook now has more than 200 million users, and the fastest growing demographic is the 35-and-over crowd. Twitter now has over 17 million users and is growing exponentially every day. Now, more than ever, it is extremely important to reach out to your constituents in these social media sites.

Your existing supporters are moving there

An increasing number of your supporters are signing up for Facebook and Twitter. Do you have a way to reach them in these venues? The givezooks! platform provides an easy way for you to promote your fundraising activities in these outlets. In addition, givezooks! can help you rationalize your overall social networking strategy with our Social Media JumpStart Service.

The next generation donor is already there

Are you trying to reach the next generation of donors? They don't even read email anymore. Do you have a way to reach these potential donors in the social networking sites where they live? givezooks! not only provides a way for you to REACH these supporters, it also provides a way for you to ENGAGE them.

Beyond the Donation

Facebook and Twitter provide a way for you to start a conversation with your existing and potential donors. Once they are engaged, givezooks! provides a platform for them to give, share, promote and fundraise for your organization.


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