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Multiply the effectiveness of raising money online

Is your “donate” button living up to it’s promise?

Donate buttons have served the need for existing donors looking for a way to give online. But most nonprofits we talk to also want to find new donors! givezooks! provides a next - generation platform for nonprofits - moving beyond the “donate now” button to social fundraising (the intersection of online fundraising with social networks).

Put your fundraisers online, in minutes

Even if you are not a computer whiz, you can build a professional looking microsite (a mini-website) that includes pictures, slides shows, videos, animated thermometers and scrolling donor lists. Imagine being able to create and control a mini-website for each of your fundraisers without any IT assistance!

Choose from multiple types of fundraisers

givezooks! provides you with a variety of ways to raise money online. Create an online "Campaign" to handle your annual funds, capital campaigns, etc. Create a "Wish List" when you would like to ask for very specific items for your programs (such as video cameras or computers). You can even let your supporters create their own "Grassroots Fundraisers" in which they can raise money for your cause. And, coming soon, you will be able to create and publish an online "Event" where you can sell tickets and sponsorships for your next Auction, Gala, Dinner, Golf Tournament, etc.

Personalize your fundraisers

Personalize your online fundraisers by mobilizing your volunteers, clients, board members and supporters. givezooks! allows these passionate supporters to add their own stories, pictures and videos to your online fundraisers. Your most loyal supporters can even create their own online fundraisers to raise money for your cause!

Promote your fundraisers

Once you put a fundraiser online, you need to promote it. givezooks! gives you a myriad of ways to "advertise" your fundraising efforts via email, Facebook, Twitter and "widgets". Better yet, we also give your donors a way to share your cause with their friends and family via their social networks.

Give your donors options

Let your donors choose how they want to give. givezooks! allows donors to pay with credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments, checks, stock transfers, wire transfers and pledges. Donors can even donate using unused or unwanted gift cards. Giving donors choices has already proven to impact increased giving. Our average donation is 4 times the national average!


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