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Give your supporters a voice

Emulating the Obama model of fundraising

The presidential campaign of '08 proved that the internet provides a powerful platform for online engagement and online fundraising. Increase your capacity and raise your cause's voice by putting your most passionate supporters to work for you. Let them help you spread the word about your cause and help raise money on your behalf.


Did you know that a person is one hundred times more likely to give to a cause if they are asked by someone that they know? To that end, givezooks! enables your most passionate supporters to fundraise for you. For instance, supporters can easily create their own online fundraisers to benefit your cause and ask their family and friends to help make an impact.

Let your donors see their impact

Younger donors may avoid giving to general fundraising campaigns. They are much more likely to give if you can help them understand the impact of your programs. givezooks! provides a way for you to publish a "Wish List" in which you can ask for very specific items (for instance blankets for your homeless shelter or a computer for the 3rd grade classroom). When donors understand exactly how their gift is going to be used, they understand its impact, and they are more likely to give.


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