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Maximize fundraising efficiency

Do more with less

Every organization has challenges meeting demands with scarce resources. And today's economic climate just highlights these issues. givezooks! can help you do your job more effectively and efficiently.

Lower Cost

The cost of the givezooks! platform is usually covered by just one extra donation per month! Also, by going online, you can reduce the number of costly direct mail pieces. Typically, the cost of just one direct mail piece covers the subscription fee of givezooks! for a year.

Increase Productivity

givezooks! allows you to distribute your workload by employing your volunteers, board members and clients as virtual fundraisers. This not only helps lighten your workload, it also makes your fundraisers more effective. In addition, givezooks! automates many of your day-to-day tasks such as sending thank you emails to your donors. givezooks! also manages the process associated with receiving wire transfers, stock transfers, checks, pledges and pledge payments.

Improve Yield

When you mobilize your most passionate supporters as fundraisers, your yields will be much higher. People are 100x more likely to give when they are asked by someone that they know. Also, since givezooks! provides you with a myriad of fundraising options, you can fundraise online year-round. Why not publish a Wish List of needs during the holidays? How about encouraging your board members to create Grassroots fundraisers in the Summer?


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